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The mission of Sant Nischal Singh College of Education is “To produce high quality teachers who have the necessary knowledge, skills, know how and interest for effective teaching as well as regard for human and national values."

Over the years, prestigious Sant Nischal Singh College of Education has become the foremost choice among those who seek admission to D.Ed and B.Ed courses in the region. The college has set a commendable tradition and has achieved a significant stature in the education field. All the diverse academic activities of the college which are imbued with a sound value system are focused on balancing knowledge assimilation and skill acquisition.

The college very conscientiously acquires the latest pedagogical approach and make every effort to upgrade the teaching skills of the student teachers.  For this reason our institution is able to help students to grow into good human beings who are able to serve the society with the society with their intellectual as well as spiritual values.

The College endeavors at the harmonious and all round development of the students by providing healthy and congenial atmosphere necessary for their intellectual, moral aesthetic and physical growth as well as emotional stability. It tends to promote among them the sense of discipline, respect for the Indian way of life and traditions making them responsible, enlightened and useful citizens of country capable of contributing effectively to the realization of national goals. All the efforts of our innovative and qualified faculty will surely make a difference in your overall personality and career making as they are dedicated to produce potential and capable teachers who contributes toward shaping the future of our nation.

With regards and good wishes

Sardar M.S. Sawhney