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I am pleased to write that this college has a glorious history of twenty Years.  In this short span of time, the college has scaled new heights in academic and cultural activities.  Carefully nurtured by illustrious administrators, the college has carved a perfect niche for itself on the academic map of University and is a true mecca for students from rural and urban areas.  A crystal clear and transparent admission process attracts meritorious students to this college.  Education is not only a knowledge of known subjects, but also development of character building perfection in logic, power of memory, farsightedness, vision and decision, power and innovative imagination.

With this guideline, students can start at their own as a “complete”.  I also believe in complete education.  When you come to Sant Nischal Singh College you will find that career education is being imparted within the framework of general education.  You will also find a different atmosphere of teaching methods e.g. classroom lectures, audio-visual programmes, workshop, seminars, home assignments and sessional tests which lead to a vibrant academic programme.


Our qualified faculty members teach you to think logically, judge critically and communicate clearly.  We all want to gain an understanding of other culture also.  Besides, it lays emphasis on your own culture.  Such kind of broad education helps you to rise faster in your chosen fields, but most of all, it helps you to grow as a compassionate human being and get more from life.

The history of the college tells you about the various achievements of the students.  So, I hope you will also be acquiring the same and achieve success in every sphere of life and carry a legacy ahead.

I am fully convinced and of firm faith that as teachers, you would lead the future generation in the right direction for the reconstruction of society and the building of a strong and advanced nation.  There are endless avenues to be explored.  We believe that our education is this institution has equipped you with information, knowledge and the wisdom to take right decisions and make right choices.  Our driving force is passion to excel to help you to meet your goals.