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Objectives: To increase our efficiency in our work and make our functioning Cordial and smooth so as to achieve our goal.
The ‘Duties & Responsibilities of Staff, Functions of Various Committees
& Procedures’ mentioned herein, shall come into effect from 10/8/2018

Sr.No. Committees Coordinator Members
1 College Admission Committee Dr. Sarabjit Kaur Dr. Indu Sharma
2 Anti Ragging Committee & Women Redressal/Grievances Cell Dr. Suruchi Bansal
3 Morning Assembly Dr. Mamta Kumar Mrs.Richa
Ms. Taranjeet Kaur
4 Co-curricular Activities Committee Dr. Mamta Kumar Mrs.Rekha Sharma
5 Time Table committee/ Academic Calendar/ Monitoring Cell Dr.Poonam Mrs. Renu Panjeta
6 Internal Quality Assurance Cell Dr.Amita Sharma Dr. Sarabjit Kaur Dr. Mamta Kumar
Dr. Anita Sood
Dr.Sudesh Panjeta
7 Library Advisory Committee Mrs. Khushbir Kaur Mrs. Arti Rana
Dr.Amita Sharma
Dr.Anita Sood
Dr.Sunita Aggarwal
8 Faculty/Student Development Programmes Dr. Indu Sharma Mrs. Manju
9 School Internship Program (SIP) Committee Dr.Amita Sharma Ms. Ishu Ist year
School Internship Program (SIP) Committee Dr.Sarabjit Kaur Dr. Minakshi
Mrs. Richa
IInd year
10 Orientation Programme Committee Dr. Amita Sharma Dr. Anita Sood
11 Internal Assessment Committee Dr Sudesh Panjeta
Dr. Anita Sood
Mrs. Renu Panjeta
Mrs. Sheetal
12 College Publication Committee Mrs. Rekha Sharma Dr. Sunita Aggarwal (Hindi)
Dr. Shalini(English)
Mrs. Richa(News Cutting Register)
13 Attendance Committee: Dr. Chetna
Mrs. Poonam Bajaj
Mrs. Rekha Sharma (online)
14 Student Council Committee Dr. Sarabjit Kaur Dr.Minakshi Panjeta
15 Alumni/Placement Advisory Committee Dr. Shalini Mrs. Poonam Bajaj
16 Garden Committee Dr. Shalini Mrs. Ishu
17 Sanitation & Cleanliness Committee Dr. Sunita Aggarwal Dr. Vandana
Mrs. Sheetal
18 Physical Education(Sports) /Fine Arts Committee Ms. Taranjeet Kaur

Laboratory Objective:

To help students to prove and confirm for themselves through experiments, what they learn in the classroom

Duties and responsibilities of the Laboratory In-charge

a. To maintain the Dead Stock Register and Consumable Registers. b. To find out the requirements for consumables for the laboratory and procure the same, before the start of every term c. To plan for the procurement of equipment for the coming term well in advance. This can be done by visits to other colleges, by contacting teachers who are teaching or have taught similar subjects in our college or other colleges, etc. d. To see that the infrastructure facilities in the labs are adequate so that each batch has ample opportunity to complete practical’s satisfactorily. e. To organize the laboratory for oral and practical examinations.

Sr.No Labs Incharges
1 ICT Resource Room Mrs. Rekha Sharma
2 Curriculum Lab Dr.Amita
Dr.Anita Sood
Dr. Chetna
3 Fine Arts Lab Ms. Taranjeet Kaur

f. To hold those responsible for any breakage / loss etc. and recover costs. g. To ensure the cleanliness of the lab and switch off all equipment after use. h. Requisition of consumables shall be submitted to the Principal for necessary action. i. Any other duty as may be assigned by the Principal/ from time to time. j. In order to prevent theft/damage, the Lab In-charge shall take the following action: i. Lab In-charge and Lab Assistants are to report the matter in writing immediately to the principal as soon as they come to know about the missing/damaged item in their Lab. They also have the responsibility to find out/enquire about the missing/damaged item/article and suggest further action in order to compensate the loss as well as prevent recurrence of the same. ii. Lab incharge in turn shall note down the missing items in the respective Lab Register. iii. If the students are responsible for the loss/missing item, then an amount equal to the cost of the item as fine shall be levied from the concerned students. Students shall not be allowed to purchase and bring the item on their own, as compensation for the loss/missing item

Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty in respect of Labs:

a. Faculty conducting practicals / projects shall be responsible for the respective labs during their practical hours. b. Faculty shall follow the guidelines/instructions as prepared by the Lab in- charge. However, faculty can suggest changes in these matters with the consent of the principal c. In case of any missing/damaged item, the matter shall be immediately reported to the Lab In-Charge.