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Recreational Facilities

Recreational Facilities

Recreational activities help in overall development of a student’s physically, mentally, and emotionally. It not only helps to gather knowledge but to use it ethically to lead a healthy and better life. It teaches one to think with reason and live with a more practical approach to life. It also enhances ones all round development, thus helping to achieve success in ones endeavors. Activities that provided by the college are:

  •  Arts & Craft Room to keep materials to do Socially Useful Productive Works
  • Sports and Games Room to keep indoor and outdoor sports and games materials
  • Auditorium to conduct annual cultural extravaganza& Seminar Halls to practise music and dance, mime and skit, etc.
  •  Spacious grounds to play outdoor games and to conduct annual sports day
  •  Gym to build up one’s physique
  •  First Aid Room clinic to treat ordinary physical ailments like headache, muscles catch, open cuts while playing, cramp, giddiness, et